It was early April when the first text arrived:

“As you probably assumed we have been advised & felt it’s the best, most safest option to postpone”

And so on it went. It has been such a stressful time for some couples, for others the restrictions have made less impact on their plans. The one thing that resounds however is that Coronavirus has affected everybody.

When we married (19 years ago this week) 90%+ of Wedding Receptions were celebrated in a square/rectangular function room of a big hotel. And to this end following our (Celtic Themed) religious wedding ceremony, complete with Harpist and Enya soundalike we travelled in a car that was at least 100 years old to the Celtic Castle we hired for the day where a Piper was on hand to blast us out out of it with his Bagpipes as we arrived 45 minutes after our guests. Following dinner our 6 piece band set up and we danced into the early hours where we retired to the Hotel Bar, took out the guitars and sang until at last at about 6:30am I believe the ‘last man standing’ gave up and went to bed.

More recently a lot of wedding looked different. They became 2 day affairs (3 in some cases!!!) making a whole weekend event of this very special occasion. And sure why not? We are after all Irish and there is nothing we love more than a great big event where we can mingle with those closest and dearest while striking up new friends.

There have also been the ‘Festival’ themed weddings held in tents,…  in fields,…  complete with blow up bar and wholesome looking bearded, acoustic musicians kicking up a storm with cajon’s and harmonicas and ukulele’s.

And a lot more weddings in the days before CV19 were getting smaller! Micro Weddings no less. Celebrated in old Country Houses, more intimate events.

And people got married abroad.

So the traditional, one day, one evening, hotel based function room celebration while still prevalent has been slowly decreasing in popularity over the last 20 years.

How do we fit Live Music into our smaller wedding?

With our ‘New Normal’ then it has forced everybody to plan differently. Whether to postpone and then lift everything from this year and plant it into next years calendar in the hope that CV19 will no longer be the issue OR whether to completely reimagine the celebration and work within the new parameters. These are the choices that wedding couples are now facing.

So before allowing oneself to become too dismayed, the thing to remember is that weddings have evolved over the years. They have become more nuanced and small details are given more consideration. Living and celebrating in a Pandemic is really just another, albeit necessary evolution.

With the importance of Social Distancing, the number of participants (which include staff and other service providers) being kept to a minimum it looks like the traditional band (as we had for our wedding) are going to struggle to fit into the plans of weddings. The choices for couples if they want live music are to look toward  2 piece acts that can cover various parts of the day or just do without. And of course there are already loads of weddings that happen without the services of live music.

However thankfully, because live music is still important to a lot of couples the answer is to consider a smaller footprint for your band. Experienced 2 piece acts like Voci are the professionals in this area. Not only can (and have done) full wedding receptions, we also provide Church, Drinks Reception and even the day after music.

 And why would you consider this type of a service? Because in general using these acts makes inimitable sense! Remember in most cases the guest lists contain Nana’s and Grandad’s and potentially Great Aunt Mary and so forth. So minimising the amount of different people makes inherent sense in order to minimise the risks associated with CV19. Certainly alleviating any of the stresses that walk hand in hand with the choices around Guest Lists.

So a two piece act that can cover any of the live music services you wish for on your special day then you must call us and have a chat. If this is your thought process then get in touch and we can discuss the finer logistics of planning your wedding. Congratulations and stay safe.

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